About Us


Our Story

With virtual assistance such as Apple Siri and Amazon Alexa becoming more and more widely available and accepted, a gap in the marketplace began to form. What if we could bring some of the techniques utilized today to create a truly virtual assistant that can be used in the business environment?

Established in 2018, Virtual Sally was born to focus on productivity within the business environment.

Our Approach

Virtual Sally creates artificial intelligent products and services that automate repetitive and mundane tasks so our customers may operate at their very best.

Customers of Virtual Sally no longer need to burden themselves with office tasks that would usually take up most of their valuable time. Instead of needing to write business documents, they can simply have Sally write these for them.

Like any good employee, Sally will learn from experiences she encounters in the office environment as well as being equipped with new skills, for our customers this means the more intelligent Sally becomes the more productive you can be.

Meet the Team

Working in office environments in numerous business and technology positions for more then ten years now, Paul is perfectly positioned to lead Virtual Sally and bring forward thinking and innovative products like Minutes to the marketplace.