Virtual Sally is a paradigm changing software solution that optimizes front desk operations. Virtual Sally enables front desk staff to accomplish any task remotely as if they are in-person. Remote printing, scanning, and payment processing are only a few features available through Virtual Sally.  Additionally, the live streaming video clinic array enables a team of patient coordinators (PCs) to collectively work multiple clinics maximizing staff efficiency.

Virtual Sally provides an ‘always watching’ live streaming video patient interaction.  The key lies in the patient coordinator workstation. A patient never has to initiate a call.  PCs can see a patient walk in, at any office, and can interact and fulfill any PC task remotely. 

A continuous live stream video allows all your staff on Virtual Sally to simultaneously view every clinic location via the incorporated kiosk. Virtual Sally empowers staff to multi-task effectively by enabling specific features and optimizes workflow efficiencies when not engaged with a patient.

Virtual Sally was created 8 years ago and enhanced over the years. In 2021 we decided to make it available to others. With over 30 years in private practice physical therapy, the product is designed to create efficiencies throughout the organization with less staff.  ASK US HOW!

Yes. Virtual Sally went through an extensive security assessment by a nationally accredited third party focused in providing the highest level of trust and transparency.  If you have questions, we will be glad to provide documentation.

No.  Our years in the physical therapy industry help us understand the importance of safekeeping your patient’s information. Therefore, all information is transient on Virtual Sally. Our aim is to help you maintain your patient’s data secure therefore we avoid creating another storage platform.

Yes, but Virtual Sally DOES NOT display forms on the kiosk screen because it often contains PHI.  Our goal is to move patients away from the kiosk as quickly as possible to avoid technical support issues, touch screen wear and tear, and back up of patients waiting. We send electronic links and have Print On-Demand available.

Yes.  Patients using Virtual Sally can scan documents back to staff. And PCs can remotely print to clinics – a feature unique to Virtual Sally.

We are compatible with any EMR. Our aim is to integrate with your EMR so that we can optimize efficiency and maximize your patient’s experience.

Virtual Sally requires hardware specific to its operation. The Mill Mountain Tech team configures and ships equipment directly to you. It’s a simple plug and play on your end.

We are compatible with any medical, hospitable, or customer service industry. However, our team has 30 years of experience in the physical therapy business and has overcome many hurdles and obstacles along the way. Virtual Sally was designed by physical therapists for physical therapists.  It’s all we do.

Though Virtual Sally does not provide staffing we do partner with excellent third-party staffing companies with years of experience in the industry. We will be glad to make the connection!

Virtual Sally can run on a Wi-Fi network however we recommend a hardwired Ethernet connection to optimize performance in clinic.

Many customers opt to include a cellular backup to their system in case their internet connection goes down.  We can help you set this up.

A Virtual Sally Kiosk greets patients upon arrival with a series of questions that can be customized and written in different languages if needed.

We live in a society where conferences and meetings are now streamed on Teams or Zoom. Patients and customers enjoy the contactless experience especially during and after the pandemic.

Virtual Sally unique patent allows front desk staff to view all clinics without patient interaction. A PC can engage in a video call if a patient needs assistance at any time.

We have seen companies reduce overhead expense by more than 50% by implementing Virtual Sally by reducing staff coverage, new employee onboarding, and optimizing clinic efficiencies.

Yes.  Virtual Sally clients have access to a robust customer portal with many resources available. Submitting support tickets is one of many tabs available. Virtual Sally has a team of IT professionals who offer immediate support and excellent customer service.