All Across the Country: Real Results That Speak for Themselves

Carol (patient)

“I love the Virtual Sally system! I’m in my 70’s and concerned about COVID so the fact that Virtual Sally is touchless is really nice. The receptionist notices me when I walk up to the kiosk just like we were in the same room. It’s really great!”


Matthew (Practice Administrator)

“Virtual Sally has made a tremendous difference in our practice. We recently joined a larger group and found that our margins are considerably better than the other peer practices. It was clear that Virtual Sally had created front office efficiencies that others could not match, and it went directly to our bottom line.”


Kate (receptionist)

“At first, I wasn’t sure I would like Virtual Sally, but after a couple weeks I now love it! I now virtually work directly with my coworkers and vacation, or sick coverage is super easy. We can help offset patient volume between locations easily, so no one gets overloaded. I’m amazed no one thought of this years ago!”