What is Virtual Sally®?

Receptionists or Patient Care Coordinators (PCCs) have been around since the beginning of the office concept. A friendly face that can greet, direct, and perform designated business has always been at the heart of this position. While an absolute necessity, this position has often been thwarted with high turnover and absenteeism which creates great difficulty in coverage and retraining.  As technology has progressed the ability to address a number of these issues has emerged.

Virtual Sally is a patented technology designed to run several active sessions enabling a single PCC to cover multiple office locations without being physically present in any location. Practices with multiple locations no longer need to employ a PCC at each site as this design provides a framework for centralizing patient interaction through a call center or the ability to work from home.  Practices with single locations can outsource front desk as well or have PCCs work from home.  Any business transaction commonly executed by front desk staff can easily be conducted remotely by utilizing Virtual Sally, including copays, credit, and insurance card scans, on demand printing, document scanning and ID verification.  PHI is never displayed on the kiosk screen.

Virtual Sally enables extended hours, lunch, and sick/vacation coverage without the onerous movement of staff and provides a touchless interaction during patient check-in. Virtual Sally is HIPAA compliant as each patient interaction is private and not open to any other PCC or patient that may be in line. Virtual Sally allows for the uploading of documents into the cloud where they can be securely accessed and placed into your EMR.

Let our 8 years of experience building best of class virtual front desk solutions in PT and 30+ years of software engineering and design go to work for you and your practice!

What does it cost?

Virtual Sally is a comprehensive solution billed monthly by seat license. A clinical location seat license includes Virtual Sally Software. Receptionist seat licenses are included for no additional charge.

There are several variables in sizing a solution, but generally the more clinical locations using Virtual Sally, the more it can be leveraged to reduce overhead and create operational efficiency. Please contact us and we will be thrilled to size a solution for your business!

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